Student Governors

We have three Student Governors and three Student Ambassadors.

Elected by students in Y10/Y11 and Y12 they attend full governors’ meetings, play a prominent role throughout the college and arrange events in Beauchamp and the community.

Tobias Ollerenshaw – Student Governor

When you think of a student, you may think of someone who has not yet reached their full potential, someone that is learning the skills that can set them on a path for a successful future. While this is partially true, I want to help students at Beauchamp be more than this perception. I want the time they spend at this college to be spent learning, not only academically, but also personally as for them to become the best possible versions of themselves that they can.

I have identified two key ways in which to achieve this goal alongside the many other aims we hope to achieve collectively as governors and ambassadors:

  • The first would be to educate students on the provisions by the school to keep mentally healthy. It is clear lockdown has been very stressful for many people and it is for this reason each Beauchamp student needs to know how to help themselves and others in this regard.
  • The second is to encourage a healthy lifestyle as keeping fit can have great impact on a person’s mental health as well as being a way to unwind and allow for time away from life’s many toils.

A further aim of mine is to increase knowledge around university entrance exams as it was something I had very little knowledge on myself and I feel it can help many students with their career progression.

I hope by progressing towards these goals I can help to build a culture around the college, one that cares about others and further that can have a positive impact on our community and the world as a whole.

Annil Gamsi – Student Governor

I took on the role of Student Governor to ensure that life at Beauchamp reflects the views of its students.

One of my aims is to increase the level of organisation within extracurricular sports, particularly with sixth formers who do not have core PE. This change would make participating in school sports more appealable, which is very helpful for mental health, fitness and a plethora of other things.

Another point would be the implementation of a Year 7 personal mentoring programme. The transition into secondary education is at times an unnerving experience with higher demands which would be explained to the younger students on an individual level.

All my initiatives are targeted towards the personal development of the whole student body and improving the college in all its aspects, not only academic. My hope is for everyone to flourish a positive wellbeing and to work in the interests of the students.

Usman Fahir – Student Ambassador

I am thrilled to have been given the position of student ambassador as with this position I will be able to voice the thoughts and opinions of both the students at Beauchamp College and the wider community to each other.

I also hope to enlighten people of to the world outside of Beauchamp and the world beyond our community and to the global issues that we all face, and together I hope we can find our way to do our part to make our world and our community a better place. Together we can do our part to show the world what it means to be a part of Beauchamp College.

I also hope to be able to provide help inside Beauchamp as well. School life can be hard and on top of that we also have to face problems external to that too, so I hope to be able to strengthen the work my predecessors started to help students with their mental health, and to do this I hope to work closely with the school to find ways for student to de-stress and find healthy coping mechanisms they can use at school when they feel overwhelmed.

I hope that together we can continue to make Beauchamp a place that students can both enjoy going to but also be college where students can be proud to attend.  

Nadia Sadar – Student Ambassador

I have big plans for the future. As a student ambassador I hope to implement an anti- bullying scheme.

Raising awareness through tutor time presentations will ensure every student will understand the dangers of bullying and what to do when encountering a situation.

Mental health is also a big topic I hope to be involved with. House events can teach students everything about this issue and I hope to establish outlets that students can seek support from. Improving the support system within college is my main goal and I hope to achieve what I have planned prior to becoming part of the student executive.

Remaining optimistic and working with my team this year is an amazing opportunity. I see a bright future at Beauchamp College and I am grateful that I can be a part of it.

Huzaifa Seedat – Student Governor

To strive for success has always been my redeeming feature, and as a Student Governor, I aim to bring positive change to Beauchamp to improve the experience of as many students as possible.

One of the changes I intend to make is to increase the range of food available to students, mainly to accommodate their individual diets. This would include, but is not limited to, the introduction of fully certified Halal food, as well as a wider variety of vegetarian dishes.

I also aim to introduce a locker system for older students, so that they can have easy access to their resources without having to carry them everywhere, which can be quite literally a pain in the back! Another change which I wish to implement is to increase the number of areas in which students can silently study. This would be much appreciated by older students preparing for GCSEs and A-Levels, as they often complain that they cannot find space to comfortably study and revise without distractions.

I look forward to the next year working with the Student Executive Team, hoping that we can work together well to make sure that students can make the most of their time at Beauchamp.

Oliver Kuhn – Student Ambassador

The reason why I wanted to become a student ambassador is because I feel a drive to help people and make the school a better place for all.

Before in school, I have sometimes felt like I didn’t have a voice, so one of my main objectives is to make sure that all students have to opportunity to not only be heard but make a change.

I also wish to help educate our student body on issues happening in our world right now as personally I believe that if people are educated on these issues then we can hopefully avoid future generations facing the same problems that we have had for years.

Another objective that I have is to make school a happy environment to all people from all backgrounds, making sure that no one feels left out or under represented.

I hope that I can make these changes in my time as ambassador and help as many students as I can feel included no matter who they are.