Student Governors

We have three Student Governors and four Student Ambassadors

These students were elected by fellow students throughout the college. They play a prominent role and provide a channel for student voice across the college.

Thabbitha Maryam Jazeel - Student Governor

As a student governor, I can assure you that I will listen to the queries and suggestions posed by all Beauchamp students from Y7s taking their first steps into secondary school, right up to Y13s undergoing further education who will move on to achieve remarkable things. I will stand to represent all, and I will carry out my role with an integrated approach and determination.

This year, I aim to achieve three main things:

  • Encourage extra and super curricular activities both during and after school hours. This is a wide topic which is very important, even though the application of it can be difficult. To support this, I would like to organise after school and open-door events to potential interested students, especially for under recognised subjects including the creatives, and humanities. Science and maths-based subjects will also be taken into consideration (as they are generally very popular among students), and therefore must not be disregarded. I also aim to invite lots of guest speakers including university students, to talk about their experiences, to further apply the principles I aim to achieve.
  • Introduce more social events where wonderful memories can be made and remembered for a lifetime. These may include graduation days for the Y11s and Y13s once they have completed their final exams, picture days, and a yearbook for the Y13s to document their last memories of school in a beautiful way.
  • Finally, to hear out the opinions of my fellow peers at school. I too am a student, and I want to listen to and consider what everyone has to say, and speak up for them where they feel they are unable to speak up for themselves.

I am honored to have been selected by my teachers and students at Beauchamp and as such, I will take on this role with respect and righteousness.

Nikki Mapingire - Student Governor

My main mission as a Student Governor is to ensure that Beauchamp remains a safe and positive environment where students feel respected and valued. I want students to feel part of a community that embraces positivity and encourages them.

I aspire to make changes that will ensure every student has equal access to the best education, opportunities and life lessons that can be applied in the real world, in preparation for entry into to the adult world. As a student governor, I ultimately want to bridge the gap between students and teachers, and provide a positive platform for all voices to be heard.

My first focus is to promote the richly diverse community that Beauchamp College already has. Rather than feeling excluded and isolated as a student, it is important that we show our support, and promote all cultures to ensure that our environment remains positive and inclusive. To do this, I want to encourage further promotion to raise awareness of culturally related events, and perhaps provide more cultural foods served in the cafeteria!

Another aim is to encourage students to become more involved in extra-curricular activities, and increase participation in societies, clubs, and house events. It is important that students are given a wide variety of extra-curriculars as these events help students to make new friends, improve their own social and communication skills and learn new things. Furthermore, I plan to provide more enticing incentives for competitions to promote ambition and a healthy competitive spirit for all students across the opposing house teams.

Finally, I want to better prepare students and help them understand the options available for their next steps. In KS4 and KS5, it is understandably difficult to balance these decisions whilst also studying for exams. Therefore, I think it needs to be made clearer to students at the beginning of the school year, the varied options available to them for their future pathways. Ultimately, the role of school is to equip students with the most useful knowledge of, not just school subjects, but also how they can prepare to function as an adult; and I want to ensure that students receive tailored advice to help them achieve their future goals whatever they may be. I also want to encourage students to meet with our school’s careers advisor.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and I hope to make a long-lasting positive impact.

Hussain Abbas – Student Governor

I am delighted to be a student governor and I aim to be someone who is very approachable. I would like to implement changes to better all students’ college experiences.

Firstly, I would like to change the structure of PDC. I do believe that the topics covered in PDC are interesting and valuable, but feel that the Sixth Form students especially, would benefit more if it was moved to extended tutor time. This would minimise the time PDC takes away from other subject periods.

Beauchamp is a diverse and popular college, and as such can often face over-crowding issues in certain areas of the site, mainly at social times. Preventing over-crowding may be a difficult task to overcome. However, by discussing and taking on board ideas from the college cohort, I am very positive we can implement some creative solutions.

I hope to interact with students and ask what extracurricular activities they would like to take part in, in the hopes of widening and increasing participation in these activities with all students across the college cohort.

And finally, I would like to encourage a change of pricing with regards to school meals and snacks. I have heard many students around the college complain about the prices of school meals. This is something I would like to discuss with Leadership to implement sensible changes that can benefit all families, especially those struggling with the current cost of living.


Kajal Odedra – Student Ambassador

I am excited to be a Student Ambassador this year, and I hope to use this opportunity to work with both students and the wider community. I will strive to improve and enhance the school environment even further than it already is.

I plan to put more focus on societies and clubs within the school, both for the sixth form and the lower key stages. I plan to widen the opportunities available by encouraging people, and making it easier for them to start up their own clubs and societies; as well as pushing more advertising for these groups around the school campus. Extracurricular activities are key to the wellbeing of the student population, and I hope to increase enjoyment and participation through this.

Additionally, I hope to encourage more interaction between the key stages, by giving sixth-formers and KS4 students the opportunity to tutor and mentor those in the younger year group. This would not only make new relationships, but also aid students in their learning and help reduce some of the tutor’s workloads, whilst offering students the chance to improve their communication, confidence and responsibility.

Finally, I want to improve the rewards system currently in place, regarding both the house system and achievements for sixth-formers, in order to motivate and encourage students to aim high and push themselves to be the very best version of themselves. I also want to increase participation in house events.

Aesha Lakhani - Student Ambassador

I am grateful to have been chosen as a Student Ambassador to represent Beauchamp College. I am keen to ensure that we provide a positive environment in both academics and extra-curricular activities. This opportunity will allow me to be a voice for the students, to promote critical issues that affect us all, and to the best of my ability, resolve these issues.

This position is more than just a title, it is an opportunity to improve and better the Beauchamp College experience for all students, academically and otherwise. To accomplish this, I have established a few goals to achieve:

  • My first initiative is to re-evaluate the current structure of PDC. I am aware that whilst it is certainly informative, the current scheduling of PDC has been found to be disruptive with timetabling. To combat this, I am suggesting a shortened time for PDC, or for it to be rearranging so that it does not interference with vital lesson time.
  • Secondly, the concept of the outside world and knowledge surrounding it, seems to be quite foggy amongst students. I am proposing that PDC or tutor times, can be used to share knowledge regarding more practical help such as finances, mortgages and other life skills. Many students do not currently share this knowledge, and I believe that implementing such a programme would allow students to be better equipped for the wider world and their future beyond Beauchamp.
  • Lastly, I wish to implement a system to further improve the student-teacher dynamics. In doing so, we can embrace an environment whereby students feel more comfortable sharing issues they may be facing, that could affect their performance in lessons and works completed. This would allow for a more transparent working environment, and also equip students with the capabilities to truly reach their full potential in an academic respect.

As previously stated, I am incredibly grateful for this position and am keen to promote positive change within Beauchamp to ensure it is an educational and welcoming environment for all.

Poppy Ham – Student Ambassador

I am unbelievably delighted to hold the position of student ambassador and I am so excited to begin making change within the college and the wider community as part of this wonderful team of people!

Something I am really enthusiastic to build upon is the welcoming and safe environment that Beauchamp provides, as I know just how crucial it is to academia and wellbeing in general to feel comfortable both in and out of school. I am particularly passionate about seeing a wider and more inclusive discussion around culture and identity, as well as the introduction of more access to education on this issue. To ensure students feel safe and included, it is so important to build a robust and accessible anti- bullying policy, which I hope to look at this year.

I also believe it is imperative that students enjoy what they are learning, and that within class, students are encouraged to explore avenues of learning that interest them as well as ideas that may not be discussed in detail. By encouraging this enthusiasm for learning I believe that students are able to develop a holistic passion for learning that can be carried throughout life.

I feel strongly that students should be aware of what is being done to tackle issues they have raised, to allow them to feel active and included in college, and empowered to take action when they feel it is appropriate. I truly believe that this will help to build students’ confidence in standing up for their ideas and values.

I look forward to building on these issues as student ambassador and working towards a more welcoming and immersive educational environment for all students.

Rishi Kakkad – Student Ambassador

As a student ambassador at Beauchamp, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve my fellow students and contribute to the vibrant and nurturing environment that has been created here. Being entrusted with this role is both an honour and a responsibility that I fully embrace, and I believe that true progress and growth can only be achieved when we value and incorporate diverse perspectives. With this in mind, my aim as a student ambassador is to actively seek out and amplify the voices of my peers, using their unique insights and experiences to continuously improve and enhance the environment at Beauchamp. Together, we can create an inclusive and supportive community where every student feels valued and empowered to thrive.

One of my key objectives as a student ambassador at Beauchamp is to enhance the extracurricular activities offered at our school, ensuring that they are inclusive and enjoyable for all students. I firmly believe that extracurricular involvement plays a vital role in fostering personal growth, building relationships, and creating memorable experiences. To achieve this, I plan to collaborate with Heads of House and the Heads of Year to diversify the range of activities available, ensuring there is something for everyone's interests and talents. I will actively encourage student input, seeking feedback and suggestions to tailor the extracurricular landscape to our diverse student body. By promoting inclusivity, fostering a sense of belonging, and providing opportunities for students to explore their passions, I aim to create an environment where every student can actively participate, have fun, and create lasting memories through extracurricular engagement.

Recognising the significance of academic success and the impact it has on students' overall well-being, my focus as a student ambassador at Beauchamp is to enhance academic assistance and alleviate the stress associated with exams. To accomplish this, I plan to collaborate with teachers, administrators, and fellow students to implement various strategies. Firstly, I aim to improve peer tutoring programs, where knowledgeable students can provide academic support and guidance to their peers. This will create a supportive network where students can seek help in a comfortable and relatable environment. Secondly, I intend to work closely with teachers to develop study skills workshops and provide resources that focus on effective time management, organization, and exam preparation techniques. By implementing these initiatives, I aim to empower students to reach their academic potential while reducing the stress and anxiety often associated with exams, ultimately fostering a positive environment at Beauchamp that is conducive to learning.