The Library is a purpose built facility with students in mind. The library is a modern well-stocked area for both students and staff.

It is extremely busy and well used and can accommodate around 100 students. Access to the Internet is available through 56 multimedia machines. The library provides services such as the loan of books and other non-book materials, for example DVD’s and audio visual equipment. There is also a selection of daily newspapers, monthly magazines and subject related periodicals. Use of the library is wide ranging and reflects its aim to be the central point of information for the college, to provide resources for recreation and enjoyment and to support students and staff in their studies. Library staff members are always on hand to help and they work in close liaison with teaching staff to ensure the resources on offer match the curriculum needs.


Library Resources

The library has resources that are available to both students and staff members. Such resources are books, newspapers and magazines, and audio/visual equipments.


The library houses approximately 10,000+ items, with extensive provision made for all subjects taught within college, with multiple copies of titles in high demand. There is a widespread range of fiction books providing a variety of reading for all levels as well as the text books used for specific subject areas. There is also a Careers Library available for students to peruse. Members of Staff have access to a variety of books within the Professional Development area of the Staff Library.


Library Guidelines





Library Contact

0116 272 9128

Term Time Opening Times:
Monday - Thursday: 8am - 4:45pm 
Friday: 8am - 3pm