On behalf of all students, staff, governors and parents, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and to Beauchamp’s Alumni Society. Let me take this opportunity to introduce the aims of the Alumni Society to you and commend its intention to seek your involvement and support for our students and for your past college.

For over 600 years individual benefactors have played an important role in the establishment and development of Beauchamp College. Great history is, in part, a celebration of immense events and experiences – yours and our own place in the history of Beauchamp College is also a way of documenting our contribution to the life and development of Beauchamp College.

We are all very proud of our college and the tremendous achievement of our many students – past and present. Our daily work at Beauchamp has, for many years, been greatly enriched by the linguistic, faith, ethnic and cultural backgrounds of our students. We are all very proud of our college and what we do with and for our students.

We believe in pursuing excellence and equity for all. We have a passion for learning.

I am delighted to introduce and launch Beauchamp’s Alumni Society to you. Our aims are to:

    • Create a simple, effective and exciting opportunity for ex-students to find out about their “old school” and learn about how it has changed and developed.
    • Keep you as former students – our Alumni, and friends of Beauchamp College, up to date with Beauchamp news and developments
    • Recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and continued success of our past students and to use your experiences to inspire future generation of students at Beauchamp
    • Create an opportunity for Alumni to consider how they could “give of themselves – in many different ways” to support the college and our current students.

We know that we have an emerging network of people linked to the college, and to each other, and this is continually developing all around the world. Our Alumni Society is also an opportunity for a cohesive association to be developed.

Whether you’ve just left Beauchamp or have been away from us for a while, we will help to keep you involved with your college and your fellow Alumni through our website and regular newsletters. Students, staff, parents, friends – all supporters of the college – are very welcome. We hope that the development of Beauchamp’s Alumni Society will be the main point of contact for former students and friends who want to stay involved with, or support their college.

- Kath Kelly