Work Experience

Work Experience

Applications for Summer 2019 work experience are now open

At Beauchamp College we work in partnership with Leicester Education Business Company (LEBC) to offer all students in years 10 – 13 the opportunity to take part in work experience over the summer holiday.

Work experience gives students the opportunity to find out what the world of work is really like, try out new things and experience a real interview with a real employer.

Placements are £57 for a LEBC arranged placement and Self-Placements are £50.

Help is available should the cost of the placement be a problem. This is subject to circumstances and all enquiries should be sent to Mr Shaw. All enquiries are dealt with in confidence.


How to apply

Before applying, students should download the Student Directory 2018/19. Read this document and discuss the options with your parent/carer. You should do this before completing the work experience application forms.

Parents / Guardians should download the Work Experience Parent Guide. This will guide you through the work experience process.

Students wishing to apply should complete the Beauchamp application form in full. Only once all parts of the application form have been completed should the form be submitted. Students who do not complete the application form correctly will delay their application.

Students who would like to arrange their own work placements must complete both the Beauchamp application form and the self-placement form.


Parent / Guardian Information Session

If you have any questions related to our work experience offer LEBC will be holding an information session at our careers fair on Tuesday 2nd October 2018.


Advice on work experience

Year 10 & 11

Students in Y10 should look for work experience that is going to give them a general insight into the world of work. Don’t worry too much about getting experience in your chosen career aim. Try something different or something you know you will enjoy. The main aim is to get some work experience.


Year 12 & 13

Students in Y12 & 13 should try and look for something more specific. Try and follow your career aim as the experience you get now could really help you with your university, job or apprenticeship applications.

Please note that students wishing to have work experience in education, medicine or any health profession should find their own placements. You will need to complete the self-placement form to do this.


All forms should be submitted to the SSC Finance Desk





Review Date: September 2019

Careers Contact

0116 272 9151

Mr James Shaw

Available Monday, Tuesday & Friday.

Book appointments via the College VLE – search for the careers course.

University (UCAS) Application Queries

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