7 Essential Rules

  • No unauthorised materials, such as BOOKS or NOTES are allowed to be taken into the examination room.
  • No communication is permitted between candidates in the examination room.
  • No mobile phones should be taken into the examination room. These must be left at home on days that you have an examination.
  • No calculator instruction booklets or cases should be taken into the examination room.
  • No programs on programmable calculators are permitted in the examination hall.
  • Water is permitted in clear plastic bottles. Please remove all labels from bottled drinks.
  • You will not be allowed to leave the examination room before the official end of the examination.


Important Documents and Information
External Exams - January 2021
Summer 2020 – Exam Results and Appeals process
Exam Policy
Exam Access Arrangement Policy (2020 - 2021)
Appeals Against Internal Assessment of Work
Parental Revision Guide
Exam Boards warnings and information
Fair Processing Notice
Information for Candidates - Written Exams 
Warning to Candidates
Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessments
Information for Candidates - Coursework
supportive web links
Get Revising
Stress Busting
Support and wellbeing
Stress Management - Study Habits
Stress Management - Sleep Self-care
Stress Management - Panic Attacks
Coping with Exam Pressure_Student Guide




Examinations Contact

Sal Lail
Exams & SIMS Data Officer