Student Support Centre

The Student Support Team are located in the Student Support Centre near the main reception area and are available throughout the day to deal with any queries or problems that students might have, or offer help and advice


The SSC Reception

There is a dedicated student reception in the Student Support Centre. Here you can get change, enquire about transport, look for lost property and ask general enquiries. There is also a desk at student reception for any smartcard issues and a desk for payment of trips, books etc.


Student Support Centre Contact

Student Support Contact

0116 272 9100

Tani Singh

Assistant Head of Key Stage 4

Alison Spathaky

Assistant Head of Key Stage 3

Pam Dosanjh

Assistant Head of Key Stage 5

Deb Wilson

Vice Principal - Pastoral

Gail Proudman

Student Reception & Transport

James Shaw

Careers, Advice & Guidance

Sana Sheikh

Admissions (KS3/4) & Bursary (KS5)