Curriculum & Assessment


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that students not only have a rewarding and enjoyable experience of school, but also to ensure that it prepares them for the rigours of future study at GCSE and post-16.

We know exactly what students need in order to be prepared for the next stage in their education as our GCSE results demonstrate.

Our close work with our primary partners has enabled us to focus on designing a curriculum which builds on prior knowledge which can be further developed in order to stretch learners.

We feel especially well-placed to deliver a challenging curriculum because of our extensive A-level experience; an advantage which was highlighted by the Education Secretary and many other commentators who suggest 11-18 schools are far better placed to teach KS3 and GCSE because they understand the nuances of the rigour and challenge required.

In Year 7, students will study the following courses:

 subject Periods a week (50 minutes)
English (Language & Literature) 5
Maths 5
Science 4
Humanities (Geography, History, RE) 5
Languages (A choice of French, German, Mandarin, Spanish) 3
Physical Education 3
Art & Design(Art, Food & Nutrition, Graphic Communication, Product Design & Textiles) 2
Performing Arts(Drama & Music) 2
Computer Science 1


In order to ensure that students are making progress we feel it is important to regularly assess and monitor performance.

This is done through a number of assessments being carried out throughout the year in each subject where we can use this to ensure that students are making progress and to intervene when there are any concerns.

We will then use these to track performance and inform parents regularly throughout the year through half termly data snapshots, tutor evenings and parent day.