First Award in Music Technology

Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school opening Beauchamp College is now closed to all but children of key workers at Beauchamp, Sir Jonathan North, Judgemeadow  and Brocks Hill Primary School who have registered for a place.

The Music Industry

Students will learn how the music industry works and how money is made. They will look at a range of organisations and job roles.


Managing a Music Product

Students will plan, develop and deliver a CD product in which they will be involved in team-work, management, promotion and a reviewing process.


Introducing Music Recording

You will create multi-track audio recordings from various acoustic and electronic instruments by using basic microphone techniques. You will learn how to mix these sounds together into a finished recording using some basic processing effects. 


Introducing Music Sequencing

Students will explore sequencing techniques using industry standard software. A final piece will be submitted, which will include various sequencing techniques, e.g. editing notes, use of effects and mixing.


Music Technology Workshops

Workshops are run during lunch periods for students to further their skills, record, make music, DJ or catch up with coursework.


Pathway To Careers

BTEC Music Technology can prepare students for a range of careers in the music industry. Many of our students choose further study, 82% of our students progressed to university, 44% of which went to study a music related subject. Possible careers could include:

    • Performing
    • Composing
    • Producing
    • Recording
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
    • DJ’ing and Live Sound Engineering
    • Recording Companies
    • Journalism
    • Teaching
    • Management
    • Licensing


Staff Skills / Experience

Staff have worked in the industry as a DJ, live sound engineer, orchestral musician and record producer. They have years of teaching experience and outstanding practice.


Opportunities For Students

Developing portfolios of work; performing and providing technical assistance to ‘Live Lounges’ and college Music Festival; workshop times to work on personal projects or to catch up with coursework.


Industry Standard Facilities

There are two classrooms of Apple iMac workstations running Logic Pro software. Also, a 24-track recording studio with Soundcraft, Apple and MOTU hardware and professional DJ workstations running Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro.


High Levels Of Student Attainment

100% Pass rate with 41% achieving Distinction or Distinction*.




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