GCSE History

Students who want to explore the depths of the world around them will enjoy taking GCSE History.

Our modules have a range of focuses, with the USA module focusing on the experiences of people (social history), to Power and People allowing students understand peoples’ rights and liberties throughout a 1000 years of British history (political history). It is a challenging course, which will stretch you. However, we have big focus on literacy and developing students writing and analytical skills so they are prepared for GCSE.


Examination Board




2 Exams – No Coursework


Unit Content

Paper one: Understanding the Modern World

    • America – Opportunity and Equality: 1920-73
    • Conflict and Tension between the East and West: 1945-73

Paper two: Shaping the Nation

    • Britain: Power and People: c1170 to the modern day
    • Elizabethan England: c1568-1603


Extra Curricular Opportunities

As a department, we run a range of extra-curricular activities including debate society, debate team, and politics society. We also run trips to Washington DC and to Berlin as well to historical sites in Britain relevant to the course.


Other Information

History GCSE is a well respected subject that will provide students with key academic skills essential for developing their ability to study at a higher level.





History Contact

Spencer Harris
Head of History
Nafisa Pirbhai