Health and Social Care

The Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Health & Social Care is an applied learning subject. This means that the subject is intimately linked with teaching students the relevance of their studies to actual job roles.

Students will learn about how aspects of sociology, psychology, biology and law are applied to make up the subject of Health & Social Care. Key to their study will be the ability to recognise that in the diverse society we live in there is an inherent need for the provision of care and education.

Students who have a genuine interest in the provision of care will choose Health & Social Care and ultimately go on to become professionals in a wide and diverse number of professions.

Assessment is 75% coursework (3 units), 25% exam (1 unit). Units are graded at pass, merit, distinction and distinction* is available as an overall grade. 

Units taught are values of care (exam), communicating and working with individuals, understanding body systems and understanding the development and protection of young children.