Media – GCSE


Media Studies is an exciting and very contemporary subject which focuses on issues and subjects which students often find immediately relevant. It helps students to develop an analytical outlook on the world but there is also a strong practical element, so the skills you learn may well lead to a career in the media.

In GCSE Media Studies students will be taught to think critically about a whole range of media products such as music videos, television and magazines. In your studies, they will think about questions like:

    • What techniques are used in music videos to make and audience think a particular way?
    • How the battle for television viewers affects what we watch.
    • How have people of different ethnicities been represented in media magazines?



At the end of Year 11 students will complete four tasks under timed conditions; they will find out exactly what the tasks are about four weeks before the exam. The tasks will focus on a particular topic which is decided on by the exam board. Previous tasks have focused on Action Adventure films, Newspapers, Video Games and Television News. This will also count for 40% of their total marks.



Coursework: To be produced in Year 10 and Year 11.
During your two years you will do Three projects. Each project gets bigger in size as the course progresses. You will analyse existing media texts before producing your own text based on conventions noticed in your analysis. You will then write an evaluation explaining your creative choices.

Together, these three coursework pieces will count for 60% of your total GCSE marks.




Media/Film Studies Contact

Oliver Rowe
Head of English & Media
Satty Billen
English/Media Administrator