Religious Studies – GCSE

Religious Studies is an important subject for everybody, not just because of its significance in current world affairs, but because it links so strongly into many other fields – music, art, history, politics, social and cultural issues, global economics – the list is endless.



AQA Route A 


2 Exams of 1 hour 45 minutes each in Year 11. No coursework.

The course is divided into two main components:

Section A: A study of two religions

    • Christian Beliefs and Teachings
    • Buddhist Beliefs and Teachings
    • Christian Practices
    • Buddhists Practices  

Section B: A study of four themes

    • Relationships and Families
    • Crime & Punishment
    • Religion, Peace and Conflict  
    • Religion and Life 

RS covers a wide range of issues that affect millions of people around the world, such as war, abortion, euthanasia and relationships. It widens students’ awareness of our surroundings, reflecting our ever-changing world and society. RS also develops skills such as textual analysis, critical thinking, synthesis and evaluation. Our aim is to challenge our students to understand and unravel the concepts they encounter during this diverse course. 

The Russell Group of Universities state that: “Religious Studies … provides suitable preparation for entry to university in general.” Alongside this, universities consider RS to be a strong subject. Furthermore, Cambridge University published a list of subjects which are regarded as acceptable preparation for entry– RS appears in the top-level list! RS links to many careers, in fact, anything that links to working alongside people! From learning about medical ethics, the complexity of different families, to how people live their lives, students will develop more understanding of the world and enhance their employability in many sectors including education, social care, medicine and law. 

RS is one of the highest performing departments in the school at GCSE. In 2018, 81% of students gained grades 9 – 5, with 16% gaining the top grade 9. Our targeted intervention strategies are proven to work and after school sessions and support from teachers is available to all. We are pleased to say that we outperform similar centres across the country at GCSE and A-Level. 




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