It is the department’s fundamental belief that Drama is a subject that can benefit any student.


Our lessons are constructed to help the students develop confidence and the critical social skills of leadership, compromise and self-awareness. Our teaching is always highly creative and active, we place a huge importance on student engagement. We hope that through the study of Drama students learn to strengthen their inner voice, preparing them for the wider world, helping them to successfully play whatever role in they choose in life.

A large amount of our students also wish to pursue Drama and the Performing Arts at universities, colleges and drama schools. Every year a handful of students successfully apply to acting and musical theatre courses, many have also gone on to successful careers. Within the department we have a large amount of professional experience in the industry and we always put aside time to help students to prepare for auditions and interviews.

We have two main teaching spaces. One a large, fully equipped studio with a full lighting rig and part time technician employed solely to maintain the space and design lighting and sound for examination and extra-curricular performances. The other a large interactive teaching space used for theory based work at A level and sometimes GCSE.

Every year we try to design an extra-curricular schedule that caters for all Drama students. Our biggest project is the whole college musical which is open to anyone who wishes to get involved. For those that prefer straight acting students also have the opportunity to get involved in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. In year 13 there is also the chance to set up your own theatre company and tour a Christmas play to primary schools.

Our staff are incredibly professional and approachable. Our sole aim is to ensure that students both enjoy the subject and make outstanding progress.


Drama Contact

Jen Berg
Head of Performing Arts
Luke Clayton
Head of Drama