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Mathematics is a fantastic subject which involves much more than just numbers. And learning maths is much more appealing than following a method step by step. No, maths is one of the purest forms of study there is, involving understanding why the world works like it does and how to communicate this effectively and efficiently.

Mathematics is useful too. From exploring space to building amazing structures, mathematics underpins the world around us. It has helped humankind progress at an astonishing pace. Also on a personal scale, mathematics is used in everyday life, from planning journeys to making business decisions. Using maths is unavoidable in today’s workplace. Maths puts the fun back into fundamental and the funk into functional!

Whatever your experiences are with mathematics, we aim to develop an enjoyment for and confidence in mathematics, alongside ensuring each student achieves their full potential. On leaving school, we want all students to have sufficient skills for their chosen career or for entry to higher education.

We are a dedicated and hardworking team of 20 maths teachers, who really enjoy maths and really enjoy teaching maths. Between us we have over 200 years of teaching experience. Our fundamental beliefs are that with hard work, resilience and a healthy sense of humour, everyone can succeed! We are proud of our college and our students’ results which put us in the top 3% of all schools in the country.

Maths Hub Status

For the last two years, Beauchamp College has been the lead school for the regional East Midlands South Maths Hub, a very prestigious accolade. We are to work alongside the other 34 Maths Hub lead schools to improve maths outcomes for all students in the country.

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Mathematics Contact

Rebekah Grycuk
Head of Mathematics
Amanda Maddox
Mathematics Administrator