Physical Education

Physical Education

Our aims are to provide all students with an enjoyable, varied and meaningful experience in PE, to raise the standard of attainment of all students and to prepare them for leisure and sport in adult life.


We provide students of all standards with a considerable range of activities within the curriculum programme as well as extra-curricular opportunities for their enjoyment through school clubs and teams.

We hope that the information contained within these pages covers any questions you may have, be it about kit, what to do if you are injured or unwell, to CGSE and A Level PE schemes of work and homework.


Core PE

Core PE is a compulsory part of a students’ timetable in Years 10 and 11. Students are timetabled two lessons a week of PE in which they experience a broad range of activities from the traditional football and netball to the more modern activities of ultimate Frisbee and a variety of exercise classes.

Students will cover ten different activities in Year 10 and five of their choice in the Year 11 programme. Our aim in PE is to encourage students to become excited about taking part in physical activity with a view to positively influencing lifestyle choices. In addition, our main focus in lessons is of enjoyment, participation and progression at all levels.

PE Kit

During PE lessons, we expect students to wear any of the following appropriate PE clothing:

PE Kit for Key Stage 3

    • Royal blue sports shirt or tee shirt
    • Royal blue sweatshirt
    • Navy shorts or tracksuit bottoms
    • Navy football socks (optional)
    • Trainers

PE Kit for Key Stage 4

    • White tee shirt
    • Plain navy or black sweatshirt
    • Navy or black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
    • Navy football socks (optional)
    • Trainers (to be a different pair from those worn to college)

We strongly recommend that students wear studded footwear and shin pads for activities on the playing fields and that a gum shield is worn when playing rugby and hockey

If required, we can provide various items of good quality kit from a local clothing supplier complete with the college logo. Click here for order form and details.

GCSE PE / Sports Studies Students: An alternative optional Nike kit is available to purchase for exam PE students. Click here for details.


PE Kit for Exam PE & Sports Studies Students

Students studying exam PE and/or OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies have the option of purchasing alternative Nike branded PE kit items embroidered with the college logo on the front and also printed with your initials.

This kit is available to order direct from the website of our suppliers, Liss Sport, the kit will be delivered to the college for distribution. The items available are

    • Navy hoody
    • Navy joggers (mens)
    • Navy sweatshirt
    • Navy joggers (ladies)
    • Royal blue sports top

To view the items available go to, select ‘schools and colleges’ →‘Beauchamp College GCSE PE and SPORTS STUDIES’ →where you can also see the size ranges.

Please note that kit ordered by Friday 30th September 2017 will be delivered during October. After this date kit may be ordered at any time however we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

I would advise that this kit is not compulsory to purchase and students do have the option of wearing their curriculum PE kit to their exam PE lessons.


Security of Valuables in PE

Students are very strongly advised NOT TO bring valuable items to school on days when they have P.E. as we do not have facilities for safe storage.

Whilst every effort is made by the PE staff to maintain tight security, the PE Faculty cannot guarantee this at all times and therefore cannot be liable for the loss of any valuables e.g. mobile telephones, wallets etc.


PE Participation Policy

Students are required to wear appropriate PE kit in colours as above – please note that grey is not considered PE kit and also fashion leggings are not considered appropriate (any student wearing fashion leggings or grey joggers/tops will be asked to change into spare kit).

It is the policy of The Beauchamp College PE department that students should bring their PE kit to all PE lessons, regardless of whether they are physically taking part or not.

The reasons for this are that the programme of study for Physical Education at KS4 requires students to take up different roles and responsibilities including leadership, coaching and officiating. Students should also be able to evaluate and offer suggestions for improvements in other performers. Therefore our policy is that all students bring PE kit to every PE lesson.

If your son/daughter is unable physically to take part in the lesson they are required to bring a note with a contact phone number and signed by a parent or guardian (person with parental responsibility). They are required to do this for every lesson missed.

If there is a prolonged illness or injury, then students must provide a medical note. If students fail to bring kit, they will be provided with clean spare kit.





Physical Education Contact

Elliot Wright
Head of Physcial Education
Julie Hodgett
Physical Education Administrator