Religious Studies

Religious Studies

The RE Department has its own suite of rooms, and a department office.


The department is well resourced and enjoys excellent examination success. In 2010 70% of the 490 students entered gained A* -C in full course GCSE RE.

From September 2009 all Year 10 students took GCSE RE (short course) for two 50-minute periods a week and in September 2010 85% of the 500 students entered gained A* – C. In Year 11 students are offered a personalised curriculum where they can opt to ‘top up’ their short course to a full course and approximately 60% of students opted for full course GCSE RE.

The successful candidate will be expected to teach GCSE (short course) RE to 10 groups and GCSE RE (full course) to Year 11. There may be the possibility of teaching AS/A2 level for a suitably qualified and experienced candidate. All students in Year 10 follow AQA GCSE Religious Studies, Specification B: Unit 2 (Religion and Life Issues) and take Unit 3 (Religion and Morality) in Year 11.

AS and A2 options are available in Philosophy and Ethics with OCR.





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