Sociology is the study of societies and how human behaviour relates to key institutions in Society.

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 In studying sociology, students are able to understand the world they live in and more importantly, influence the world.

All students in year 10 and 11 follow OCR Sociology. They are taught 3 periods of 50 minutes per week. Within the GCSE syllabus, students cover topics including, Family, Education and Crime and Deviance. Additionally themes such as research, class, gender, ethnicity and age are covered.

In year 12 and year 13 we teach A level Sociology following the AQA specifications. In year 12 students follow units in Family, Education with methods. In year 13 they study Religion, Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.

The Sociology Department has an excellent record of student achievement. Since 2009 in GCSE, above 90% of Sociology students have achieved A* – C at GCSE level.

In A level, at least 60% of Sociology students achieve a grade A* – B.







Sociology Contact

Del Bains
Head of Social Sciences & Head of Sociology
Pam Donsanjh