217 Students Sign Up To the Rik Basra Leukemia Campaign!

Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school closures in the Leicester and Leicestershire area, Beauchamp is now closed from Tuesday 30th June to all students except children of key workers who have registered for a place.

Rik Basra Leukemia Campaign

Over 200 staff and students from Beauchamp College have signed up to the Anthony Nolan register.

December 19, 2019

In a bid to encourage more 16-30 year olds to sign up to the ​Stem ​Cell ​Donation ​Register, former Leicestershire Police Officer, Rik Basra - who received a stem cell donation via Anthony Nolan in 2011 - held a special event at the College.

Staff and students appeared in their masses to support the event, with a total of 217 signing up.

Lea, who helped support the event, said ‘I signed up to the register last year, so decided to volunteer as part of the team helping to promote it this year. Signing up takes less than five minutes to do – I’m really happy to see my friends sign up and potentially help to save a life!’

Individuals can sign up to the Anthony Nolan register by providing a saliva swab from the inside of their cheek. The swabs are added to a database which, when matched to an individual suffering from blood cancer, offers them a lifesaving stem cell transplant.

Last year, Beauchamp College student, Joe Potts, was determined a match after registering with Anthony Nolan. Joe took time out of College in the midst of his A-Level studies to donate stem cells.

Of his experience, Joe’s Mum said, ‘I sat there watching my son, rigged up to complicated machinery, feeling tired after having had 4 days of injections and had a brief glimpse of what it might be like to be on the other side'. She continued; 'To give a few days of your time to someone who has potentially already received years of treatment, a lifeline and hope for the future is beyond anyone’s imagination or financial gain. It is such a privilege.’

Currently, only 60 per cent of individuals in need of a stem cell transplant find a match. This figure stands at 20 per cent for people from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background.

Beauchamp College is part of the Lionheart Academies Trust, a Leicestershire-based Multi-Academies Trust with eleven schools.