Learning Development Department Opening

On Friday 1st November, Oadby’s Beauchamp College proudly opened its newly-renovated Learning Development Department, now featuring the region’s specialist Hearing Support Centre.

November 13, 2019

The new building reflects a strengthened commitment by the College to ensure that students with Special Education Needs continue to receive the support required to fully benefit from high quality education.

“Young people shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to education. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality provision that ensures equal access to an equal education” says Lionheart Executive and Beauchamp College Principal, Kath Kelly.

Year 10 student Katie - who has required hearing support from the College for 4 years - also detailed to guests the ways in which the new Centre might help her: “The building is quiet, bright and big. The staff are wonderful and give us emotional support as well as lots of help in lessons”.

Beauchamp College hopes that their efforts in raising the standard of care and provision for young people with Special Education Needs will set an exacting precedent for education in Leicestershire and the East Midlands as a whole.

Beauchamp College is an ’Outstanding’ 11-19 school in Oadby and part of The Lionheart Academies Trust, a family of 11 schools based in and around Leicestershire.