Statement Regarding the Right to Have a Voice

At Beauchamp College we absolutely affirm the right for every student to have a voice.

May 23, 2021

At Beauchamp College we absolutely affirm the right for every student to have a voice.


We encourage every student to be involved, critical and interested in all aspects of their learning: their curriculum taught in school, their local community and in relation to world issues. We encourage every young person to communicate effectively, openly and honestly so that we can support one another, learn together and understand each other.

We are privileged to work with a vibrant, diverse and proactive student body. Together, the college, our students, our families and our community work hard to enable opportunities to learn about each other, to stand up for injustice and to make a positive difference.

This is fundamental to our core values. We know that communicating constructively about issues we care about and working together as a team we are a strong force for positive change.

Over the course of this weekend we have been made aware of a number of social media posts circulating showing some of our students distressed by the recent Palestinian conflict and members of staff engaging with them. We will be investigating this incident fully once back at school in order to completely understand this situation.

We do understand our students distress and we are determined to work with them, at college, in the coming days to help them to learn more about the political history of the area and to understand more about how they have been affected by images and stories of the conflict they have seen and read about. We will be encouraging students to have a voice and an opinion and we will be allowing time for calm reflection. We will be working closely with charities, external speakers, and members of the wider community so all voices can be heard and understood. As ever, the collaborative work we do with our proactive and dedicated student executive and student governors’ team is important here too.

We want to reiterate that we are entirely committed to supporting our students with all aspects of their education. We have an unerring drive to provide a safe, fair and tolerant environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice to allow for positive action to be organised.

Beauchamp has a strong track record of effective charitable work that also provide opportunities for our students to understand and empathise with those who are marginalised, including those who originate from Palestine. Our student governors are shining examples of the positive experiences that can be created when in 2014 our collective fund-raising efforts saw Palestinian students visit Beauchamp. This gave Palestinian students an opportunity to experience a different educational system and allowed our students to develop empathy and understanding of a different culture.

This endeavour was realised with the collective determined effort of young people and adults supporting them as we united to create a positive, life enhancing experience.

Beauchamp is a place where we nurture our young people to learn, grow and develop to be well-rounded, knowledgeable and compassionate citizens. We will continue with our mission on this issue.