Beauchamp Live

Beauchamp Live Tours


Beauchamp Live is a chance for parents and carers of prospective students of any year to visit the college during a regular working day.

All Beauchamp Live tours are suitable for prospective parents of Year 10, however if you've got a particular interest in Key Stage 3, we'd recommend you book on a Monday tour and similarly if you have questions relating to the sixth form we'd suggest you book on a Friday tour.

upcoming live tours
Friday 18 January, 9.15 am - RLP
Monday 28 January, 9.15 am - CJG
Friday 15 February, 9.15 am - RLP
Monday 4 March, 9.15 am - CJG
Friday 29 March, 9.15 am - RLP
Monday 8 April, 9.15 am - CJG